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signing contract between R & D TECH and REDCON CONSTRUCTION company

R & D TECH center had signed  a consult contract with REDCON CONSTRUCTION company to design and implement station to generate electrical power using solar energy technology [Read More]

Electricty Genration from Bio gas

For The First Time in Egypt.R@D Tech Center  has Designed and Carried out system for  converting Bio gas into electricity using  Solid Fuel Cell Technology with conversion  efficiency more 65%. 

This project was done by cooperation  with Dr/Mohammed Ali Abd Elkarem   
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Implementing Bio Gas unit in Bani Suef

This project has been funded by Academy of Scientific Research. R&D TECH has designed and implemented a unit for biogas production from animal wastes. The unit was implemented in Awlad Yaqob village in Bani Suef. This system produces about 9 cylinder of gas/month.

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Design & Installation of P V panels for electricity generation

R&D tech center by cooperation with (ACROPOL company for renewable energy solution) has implemented  P V system to generate electricity from solar energy in faculty of engineering -MINIA University 
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Implementation of solar pump in matty (El-minia)

R&D tech center cooperated with (ACROPOL company for renewable energy solution) are promoting for installation solar pump used for irrigation in the reclaimed land..

The main advantage of solar pump is long life time without maintenance, nearly for 20 years and operating cost nearly zero.   
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Implementing industrial solar dryer in fayom

R&d tech center has Designed and carried out industrial dryer powered by solar energy. 

This solar dryer is used to dry Medicinal plants, vegetables and fruits .
The main advantages of this project are that it keeps the content of plants in good condition, saving energy and reducing time of drying operation.

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Carring out Training in solar energy applications

R&D tech center by cooperation with ACROPOL company has carried out a training in solar energy application to enable fresh graduate  engineers dealing with this modern technology  [Read More]